Hello Kitty Cupcakes

Maria says: Please come to Leah’s 4th birthday party.
I say: We’d loved to. What theme is she having
Maria Says: Hello Kitty
I say: Ahhhh Hello Kitty….

 I was asked to bake a few cupcakes for a birthday party and the theme was: Yes, Hello Kitty!! I remember when I was a little girl how I drooled over all Hello Kitty stuff. Being raised in South America in the early 80’s, I was a big follower of the big Icon, however; it was very limited and expensive to collect Hello Kitty stuff. So, here I am, an all grown up woman still drooling over Hello Kitty.  Dreaming and wishing to be in Hello Kitty World. Hey maybe my 35th birthday party could be a Hello Kitty theme!! Ok maybe I’m a bit old for that.

 I searched the web for some inspiration, and I found a website called the cookie shop. I did use the same recipe of Pink Anthill Cupcake; which came out very good.  And for the icing I also tried her 80’s icing recipe, which I found very interesting and different to all icings that I’ve made so far. I like it because believe it or not, it is Fat Free!!! And it tastes delicious. All kids and adults loved the icing perhaps because of its strawberry flavor. Not sure, but it sure was a hit. I will definitely make it again and try with other flavors.

 My original plan was to make all cupcakes pink, but my husband kept telling to make something different for the boys. Aghrrr!! Boys!! Why can’t they just eat the pink cupcake!! So I improvised and cover half of the cupcakes with light blue fondant and placed a Hello Kitty (without the pink bow) on top. In other words I made my own version of Hello Kotto!! Lol . They were yummy and pretty.

 I looked everywhere for a Hello Kitty cookie cutter but I couldn’t find it. I ended up cutting a template and I hand cut the shape with an exacto knife. See below for instructions

 Instructions how to make a fondant Hello Kitty cut out

 Materials needed

 White Fondant

Black fondant (only one small ball, the size of a cherry) for the eyes ** could be done with black edible marker

Yellow fondant (tiny ball, size of a grape) to make the nose ** could be done with yellow edible marker instead

Pink fondant, to make bows

Edible black marker, for whiskers


  1. roll the white fondant ( remember to sprinkle surface with cornstarch before)
  2. Place template over fondant
  3. start tracing around with an exacto knife (make sure to have some kind of protection underneath and don’t apply too much pressure when tracing, you don’t want to ruin your table)
  4. Do all the tracing first and try to work fast so your fondant doesn’t dry or stick to your surface
  5. You have your cut outs now
  6. To make the eyes, place two small dots of black fondant on kitty’s face. Use template as a guide. Use water/brush to glue Or you can draw with edible marker instead
  7. To make nose, place a small dot of yellow fondant on kitty’s face. Using template as guide. Use water/brush to glue Or you can draw with edible marker instead
  8. Use the black edible marker to draw whiskers
  9. use the pink fondant to make bows

And here they are……

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